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Frequently Asked Questions

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First appointment: How should I prepare?

Ideally, you should be well hydrated before your massage.  If you've scheduled your session in advance, increase your water intake prior to the session.  If this is your first session with us, arrive five minutes early to complete paperwork. Set a goal for your session and share it with your therapist.  Come prepared to see results.  Once you're in the treatment room, you'll undress in private to your level of comfort. You'll be professionally draped throughout the massage, and your therapist will check with you regarding your comfort. Once your session ends, you'll dress and rejoin the therapist in Reception, where you'll have a chance to hydrate, ask questions, and schedule your next appointment.

Does your Health Insurance cover Payment of costs?

We don't file health insurance claims, but we can furnish receipts for your sessions, which you may then submit to your insurance carrier. Because health insurance plans vary in what they consider covered expenses, we recommend contacting your insurance carrier.

How much pressure should I expect during my massage?

Each individual perceives touch differently. That's why it's so important to communicate with your therapist. If you find yourself tensing up, or holding your breath, ask the therapist to lighten up a bit. By the same token, if you're wanting more pressure, ask for it. Clients generally rate areas of discomfort on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, and are encouraged to let the therapist know when they've reached level 6 or 7. Working at higher levels of discomfort can result in repelling the massage, rather than receiving it. Massage does not have to hurt to be beneficial.

What types of savings can I expect at Center 4 Massage Therapy?

At Center 4 Massage Therapy, we like to offer our clients year-round savings, each and every time you book an appointment, rather than limit your savings to once or twice a year for special events or seasonal specials. We offer $5 off 45-minute or longer sessions, and $4 off 30-minute sessions, to seniors, military, and first responders.

I'm pregnant.  Can I get a massage?

Although prenatal massage can be a wonderfully nurturing experience, we recommend waiting until you're past your first trimester before getting a massage. No one knows your unique situation like you and your doctor, so we encourage checking with him/her first.  Moms-to-be enjoy being propped comfortably and supported by plenty of pillows. We'll monitor your comfort level, avoid certain acupressure points, and won't spend too long in any one place. Expect to say goodbye to your neck, back, and hip tension.

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