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Modalities (Types of Massage)

Wondering which massage to request? Let us help. Tell us your goals for the session, and together we’ll develop a strategy that best addresses your specific needs. Skilled therapists assess where their clients are (we do not diagnose,) and generally blend modalities as needed, rather than settling for learned routines or any one technique.

Therapeutic vs. Relaxation?

Clients experiencing pain, inflammation, limited range of motion, and discomfort in their neck, shoulders, arms, back, hips, legs, hands, and feet are good candidates for therapeutic massage. It enhances joint and muscle function, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, increases range of motion, and helps diminish pain. All our therapists are experienced in helping clients with:


frozen shoulder

tennis/golfer’s elbow

carpal tunnel syndrome
SI-joint dysfunction
hip pain
sciatica and sciatic-like symptoms
leg, knee, and ankle pain
hand and foot pain



Energy Work?

Sometimes a more subtle touch is called for, resulting in many of the same benefits that traditional massage accomplishes. Delivered with just five grams of pressure, these modalities bring about a sense of physical and emotional well being, as well as deep relaxation, improved flexibility, increased range of motion, diminished pain, improved blood and lymph circulation, and the release of myofascial restrictions in the body. Clients with TMJ, migraines, post traumatic stress, tinnitus, SI-joint dysfunction, foot pain, fibromyalgia, stress, and shoulder and neck issues have benefited from our energy work.


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Have additional questions about our types of massage?

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